Bekah is Breaking Down This Color

$198…So stay with me here…this is going to be more like a blog post so be ready to read but I promise it will be worth it 😉. You don’t usually see stylists jumping on and talking prices, but that’s just what I’m going to do! I want to break down what it all includes to give the beauties in our chairs the look they are wanting.

This before(sorry for the poor picture) & after is a perfect one to use to illustrate what can happen but that it isn’t always a one appointment session or a cheap stylist for that fact that is going to give you that Pinterest perfect hair. We spend hours continuing our education & learning the new trends along with furthering our knowledge of the best products not only for your hair but your all around health because believe it or not, everything that goes onto your skin is absorbed into your body… think about that. Are you giving your body the best? Like I’m talking certified organic? If you sit in my chair & take home the products to maintain your color from Fringe Salon you can confidently say YES! Many ladies that sit in my chair have their share of tinsel(the nice term for gray hair) so many want that covered no matter what color they want their hair in the end & that is just what this color needed. Many times we do all of this in one step along with a foil, balayage, foliage…whatever other process you are needing to reach your goals. This client wanted to be as blonde as possible and wanted it brought all the way to her scalp so this was a simple highlight. Many times specialty colors are going to run higher because they take not only more time but also many times much more education & knowledge to correctly perform the specialty service needed.

After her tint retouch & highlight we took her to the bowl and glazed her. Years ago glazes were definitely not the buzz they are now but your hair thanks you & your stylist for finding them! A glaze gives us as stylists the ability to adjust your hair color to remove unwanted tones or adjust a color without having to do so in a manner that is damaging to your hair. Many times glazes are used to finish out a blonding service because it gives the stylist the ability to take any unwanted tones still left in the hair & move the color to the desired tone whether it be a caramel, a nice bright white blonde or the gray that many are wanting these days without creating further damage by leaving the lightener on longer than necessary. Glazes are not all created equal but I can assure my clients that the color line we used is created THE BEST. It has no direct dyes so you don’t get any unwanted tones in your hair & even better is the longevity of your glaze is going to last you until your next appointment and not just a few washes…plus being certified organic, I’d say we have a WIN WIN! We also finished her off with a deep conditioning treatment to keep her hair in the best health possible during this process & yes this specific transformation took 2 separate appointments about 7 weeks apart to achieve. 

HAIRCUT(includes style)-$38
TOTAL -$198

Did she have a problem paying this? NO! She did not because she was educated on what we were doing and why we were doing what we were doing to maintain her goals & keep the integrity of her hair during the process. This is my goal with EVERY single person that sits in my chair. To many it may not seem like what we do is that big of a deal & any knucklehead off the corner could do what we do, but let me tell you it is not always easy & it takes work & lots of continuing education to stay up to date with the newest trends & products & we strive to give you the best in haircare EVERY single time you sit in one of our chairs!

I hope this brings light to the sometimes unwanted discussion of why do hair stylists charge SO much?!? And friends…this is midwest pricing even 😃

Love you ALL & thank you for letting me live out doing what I love 💕 on your hair! 

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