Fringe salon is always striving to best provide for you, our guests. Fringe uses All Nutrient Professional as our color line. All Nutrient was created 34 years ago before being eco-friendly was “trendy.” All Nutrient believes in being green, which is why Fringe Salon proudly supports and believes in All Nutrient.

Haircuts – $25 – 42+

Color Services

  • Fullhead Tint – $80.00+
  • Tint Retouch – $70.00+
  • Fullhead Foil – $100.00+
  • Partial Foil – $85.00+
  • Glaze – $50.00+

Blonding Services

  • Fullhead hilite – $110.00+
  • Partial hilite- $90.00+
  • Balayage – $150.00+
  • Glaze – $25.00


Consultation – $50.00

Deposit due at time of booking consultation. $50.00 consultation fee will be applied to your customized extension package.

****prices are subject to change***

Want to shop our favorite product line with us, but don’t want to leave your house? No problem, click the link to shop at Fringe Salon’s online store with virtue:

Cancelation Policy: Any Cancellation without 24 hours notice, a fee of $45.00 will be charged before any future appointment can be made.

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