Let’s Get Nerdy!!

Our Hearts are full and our Artistic Minds are ready to Explode! We had the Amazing privilege to have the National Platform Artist for All Nutrient, the Beautiful Jen Bullock at Fringe Salon! 
One of Jen’s favorite lines is; “Let’s get Nerdy!” 

We got seriously {Nerdy} with Jen on hair, hair color, color molecules, hair strand structure, undertones, face structure and so much more! Our profession is way deeper than grabbing a tube and putting color on your hair, so much deeper. It is also one of the top 3 professions predicted to get cancer…that is not a statistic we want to be part of & definitely don’t want to be subjecting our amazing clientele to those harsh chemicals either, which is why we are SO passionate about All Nutrient products & what they stand for. We are now able to understand the science behind the color and the how the predictability of a color application is crucial in delivering the perfect color each and every time. 

For 2 days we learned ALL there is to know about all these things with Jen! The way Jen sees the world in color is phenomenal. What a Blessing it was to have this caliber of Educator and Stylist in our very own Salon. We cannot wait to gift the knowledge and skills we were given from Jen to All of our Fringe Groupies! 

The Fringetts with All Nutrient’s Platform Educator, Jen Bullock!

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