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I have this amazing guest who comes to Fringe Salon. She not only is amazing as a human being, but she is amazing for what she is brining attention to in the beauty world. Chantel wants to bring awareness to all the chemicals that hide in all of our products we use on the daily like makeup. She is a consultant for Crunchi and the knowledge she has to share is fantastic! Every time she is sitting in my chair I am rather confident we nerd out over clean chemistry and healthy recipes!

Chantel has a HUGE following and she did an awesome blog post and with her permission she is letting us share all of it with you! Enjoy Groupies!


“It’s time to chat hair dye! I’ve been dying mine for quite some time.. since middle school! I’m grateful to have found a hairstylist, Rachael Fjeldheim-Stoecker, who values toxin free products as much as I do! 💇‍♀️

Hair dye uses chemicals to open the cuticles in your hair which then allows your hair to receive and retain color. Unfortunately some of these ingredients are harsh chemicals linked to some not so great side effects. Let’s take a look at a few of the heavy hitters that my awesome team members broke down for us:

❌Para-phenylenediamine: linked to cancers and cell damage in animals. PPD is actually not approved for products that come in contact with skin…but somehow it is still used in many mainstream hair dyes.

❌Formaldehyde: Preservative & carcinogen linked to developmental delays and endocrine disruption.

❌Ammonia: corrosive and irritates mucus membranes. Can cause respiratory discomfort and lung irritation.

❌DMDM Hydantoin: this ingredient releases formaldehyde over time

❌Coal tar: Heavy metal contamination. Recognized carcinogen.

❌Parabens: Preservative and endocrine disruptor. Has been linked to breast cancer and other serious issues.

The good news is that consumer demands are forcing hair companies to do better! In my stylist’s search for the cleanest and highest performing color line, she has landed on All-Nutrient which has the best ingredients! Here are some highlighted benefits of this safer option:

🌱They have two options: their cream line and liquid line.
💁‍♀️They have replaced ammonia with the safest option of the 4 available options: AMP. This is used in their cream line. Even with AMP, there is still low traces of ammonia. Most color lines at their “lowest” ammonia level are at 4.7. All Nutrient at its highest level (in the high lift form of the cream color) their AMP level is 1.7- much better!
🌱The cream line uses an exclusive microprotien system (comprised of keratin, quinoa, essential fatty acids, and certified organic extracts) which helps your hair get its essential nutrients it needs while coloring. 
💁‍♀️My stylist prefers to use the liquid line which doesn’t contain the AMP. The liquid line of all nutrient is called keratint. Keratint is formulated with 100% natural corn derived base called Zemea Popandiol (100% vegetable derived compound that replaces petroleum based chemicals like glycols) Zemea helps prevent skin irritation, sensitization, and improves moisture. I love that I’m no longer overwhelmed by the smell of ammonia 🙌
🌱Free from: Sulfates, Gluten, Parabens, Formaldehyde, MEA nor DEA, Triclosans, Propylene glycol, Carcinogen, Phthalates, Toxic materials nor heavy metals, Pesticides, fungicides nor herbicides.

✅Other safer color options:

Just another one of those things.. if there’s safer options that perform just as well, why not?! 💗”

Chantel Conscious & Beautiful Living

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