Fringe Salon carries a variety of products to best assist you. Fringe Salon’s team strives educate and guide each guest on which products are going to help you achieve your hair goals at home. If your home care products do not meet your needs, please bring them back within twelve days and Fringe will be more than happy to send you home with a product that better assist you in your home care routine!

Meet Loma

Loma is one of Fringe Salon’s favorite product lines we have. Loma is naturally inspired, organically infused, and sources everything themselves, making it affordable for all.

Fringe Salon’s favorite detail about Loma is that the first ingredient in their products is Aloe Vera. We all know the amazing healing properties Aloe has for skin, so just imagine its power on your hair!

Meet Aluram

Aluram is just as clean as our beloved Loma. The biggest difference between the two lines is that Aluram’s first ingredient in all of their products is coconut water. This gives your hair all the hydration it needs!

Fringe Salon’s favorite detail about Aluram is how simplified the line is!


Meet Zenagen

Zenagen uses high-quality nutraceutical ingredients and an advanced delivery system that are key to creating a truly effective, natural and easy-to-use hair loss solution.

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a natural androgen hormone that is present in the hair follicle. DHT cuts off vital blood flow to the follicle, causing it to weaken and over time, stop producing hair. The buildup of DHT is the most common cause of hair loss in men and women. This is where Zenagen can help you gain your confidence back!

Fringe Salon also carries Defy Damage line from Joico & The Texture line from Sexy Hair. Fringe Salon Carries select products from All-Nutrient, Clenditoner, Ruzel, 1821, and Living Proof.

Photos pictured on this page are from the product brands website/social media or taken by Ashley Wegh Photography